DTU Corporate Partner

A Corporate Partnership is an exclusive and strategic collaboration with DTU. Together, we tailor activities to meet your needs across research fields.

Innovation and solutions to complex challenges often require an interdisciplinary effort, where several disciplines and competencies must be brought into play across DTU and your company. This is time-consuming to do, especially for a company wanting to work strategically with a university, and it requires extensive organization.

Through a Corporate Partnership, we offer a facilitating effort where we put the right people across competencies and research fields together to match your most important challenges.

Core of the partnership

When a company becomes a Corporate Partner, the collaboration starts with a kick-off meeting between relevant parts of the company’s and DTU's management to align needs and strategic goals.

We then organize professional workshops on topics that are relevant to you, involving leading researchers from the right departments. This is where new networks, innovative ideas and the outlines of strategic projects are created.

Your company is assigned a Key Account Manager who ensures that the collaboration is in line with your strategy and priorities for the collaboration, that efforts are followed up on an ongoing basis, and that the collaboration is translated into concrete projects and initiatives that creates value for your company and the world of research.

As a Corporate Partner, you pay for a basic package that includes:

  • A permanent Key Account Manager
  • Strategic dialogue about your needs and a kick-off of the collaboration
  • An annual meeting with the president of DTU
  • Interdisciplinary workshops with DTU researchers
  • Full workshop day in DTU Skylab
  • Mention of collaboration with DTU on selected online platforms and in print
  • Clarifying dialog about research that match the R&D strategy in the company and the competences at DTU

Price: DKK 150,000/year ex VAT.

The Corporate Partner package can be extended to include our Talent Partner package. With the Talent Partner package, you get a unique opportunity to get close to DTU's talented students. You can give presentations at DTU, invite students to your company or get students to work on one of your unsolved challenges.


Morten Mikkel Mejlhede Rolsted

Morten Mikkel Mejlhede Rolsted Innovation & Partnership Coordinator